Innovative Development Centre for Educational Aptitude

ideaaaInnovative Development Centre for Educational Aptitude (IDEA) is a non-profit, socio-voluntary organization of professionals, parents and teachers based in Abu Dhabi focused on enhancing children’s aptitude based values and skills, and providing them career focused development programs.

IDEA was established in 2004 by a group of seasoned professionals experienced in medical science, engineering, accounting and administrative fields with the sole objective of promoting constructive value based growth in educational and potential career areas of interest to the children.

IDEA was born as a result of the realization of its founder member, Mr. T. Sivaramakrishna Iyer, a versatile engineer and keen educationalist that there existed a vacuum for developing and displaying the unrealized potential talents in children.

IDEA believes that Today’s hobby in a child leads to his/her profession tomorrow. Therefore, it places a natural responsibility on the parents to provide opportunities for realizing what would otherwise remain hidden talents in the children.